Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Germany

Dr. med. Daniel Sattler – Your Specialist for Cosmetic Surgery

We can only feel really good about ourselves when our body and soul are in harmony with one another. Dr. med. Daniel Sattler, an expert for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bonn, is passionate about fulfilling the individual visual wishes of his patients and thereby raising their quality of life. The Beta Aesthetic offers a wide range of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Patients at this clinic located at the Bonner Bogen can benefit from a sophisticated ambience with top-class design, directly on the banks of the Rhine.

The Kameha Grand Hotel and a rich variety of gastronomic and cultural offers are located in the immediate vicinity. When attending this clinic on the sunny side of Bonn, plastic and aesthetic surgery patients benefit from a special atmosphere of well-being.


Dr. med. Daniel Sattler

Board certified plastic & aesthetic surgeon

Expert assessor for the North Rhine medical council for plastic & aesthetic surgery


Welcome to the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn:

As a Board certified plastic & aesthetic surgeon based in Bonn, Dr. med. Daniel Sattler is available to answer all your questions about the different aesthetic treatment possibilities.

A specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, he has been director of Beta Aesthetic since 2014. His clinic on the banks of the River Rhine in Bonn offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures including facial treatments, breast correction and body contouring as well as reconstructive surgery. The focus is always on pursuing the individual needs of the patients and achieving perfect results. To achieve this, Dr. med. Daniel Sattler likes to make time for a comprehensive personal consultation.

As a testament to his particularly high standards, Dr. med Daniel Sattler was appointed an international member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2017:

Specialist treatment on the following body regions:
face | breast | body | skin | hand

Photos of the clinic:

What determines good cosmetic surgery?

The aim of good professional cosmetic surgery is to increase the patient’s sense of well-being by enabling external changes to take place, thereby fulfilling personal wishes regarding the patient’s own body image. In this way, body and soul can be brought into harmony and quality of life will be improved. The possibilities for plastic and aesthetic surgery at the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn are diverse and cover a wide range of changes to the appearance. The cosmetic procedures range from minimally invasive treatments to state-of-the-art operating possibilities.

To find the right treatment method for his patients, Dr. Sattler places great value on comprehensive consultations to achieve optimal results. Thanks to this personal communication and preparation, treatment according to the highest medical standards and the focus on the individual situation of the respective patient, Beta Aesthetic in Bonn guarantees that patients can feel good about their body again after the procedure.

How much does professional cosmetic surgery cost?

The costs of professional cosmetic surgery in the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn differ according to the procedure performed. Each treatment is tailored to the individual patients, because their needs are always our primary focus. During a personal consultation in Bonn you can discuss your ideas in detail, and Dr. Sattler will be happy to explain the many possibilities of plastic surgery to you. After deciding on the most suitable cosmetic procedure, the issue of the costs that will be incurred can be discussed. The priority is to achieve an individual and optimal result which brings you into harmony with your body, thereby contributing to an improved overall quality of life.


Beta Humanitarian Help – a campaign for plastic surgery in the third world

Giving people in third-world countries necessary medical care and thereby opening up new chances and an improved life situation – that’s the aim of Beta Humanitarian Help. Dr. med. Daniel Sattler, who established this not-for-profit project in 2013 in addition to his work as a specialist in plastic surgery in the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn, treats patients in the poorest countries of the world together with a team of voluntary surgeons, general practitioners and anaesthetists. The trips and operations are made possible through donations, meaning that the team has already been able to carry out necessary plastic surgery procedures in Peru, Nepal, Madagascar, Loméga, Uganda and Burundi. Beta Humanitarian Help makes it possible for the poorest people in the world to have access to life-changing operations.