Male cosmetic surgery in Bonn

Treatments especially for men

Body awareness is becoming increasingly important. Even men are increasingly aspiring to an ideal of beauty that usually entails a sporty, toned body. But often they are unable to realise their individual aesthetic ideals, even with sufficient sport, a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. The opportunity to undergo plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bonn enables them to achieve targeted contouring of the body and a visual change so that they can once again feel holistically at home in their body. Treatments especially for men are focussed on the individual needs of the patient. Common and popular procedures for men include liposuction to remove unwanted fat tissue. A tummy tuck can contribute to making a “beer belly” look sporty and aesthetically pleasing again.

Dr. med. Daniel Sattler will discuss the varied treatment offers for men with you in a personal consultation in Bonn, so that you can find the most suitable methods for you. These cosmetic procedures in Bonn improve patients’ physical sense of well-being over the long term.