Plastic and aesthetic surgical services in Bonn

Beta Aesthetic focuses on function and aesthetic

The wide range of plastic and aesthetic surgery at the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn includes many treatments. Services range from minimally invasive corrections to body-contouring cosmetic surgery and complex reconstructive procedures. The patients and their individual health issues and aesthetic & functional needs are our central point of focus. We always aim to achieve an optimal outcome for the patient while maintaining the highest medical standards. We give special attention to the combination of aesthetic and function in order to holistically improve the patient’s quality of life.

The treatment possibilities in Bonn focus on the optical and functional optimisation of the different body areas so that a very diverse range of aesthetic needs can be realised. Many people would like to have a facial treatment, because the face is a central point of attraction. It is the first impression that people have of us and decisively influences our outer appearance. Many people suffer from annoying wrinkles in their facial area as they age. The Beta Aesthetic in Bonn offers facial rejuvenation through various methods. Whether it’s thread lifting, eyelid or throat lifting, or a mini facelift: facial cosmetic surgery creates a younger and more toned complexion. But nose correction and contouring of the facial profile are also possible.

Breast operations are a particular popular form of plastic surgery. Breast enlargement or reduction, as well as lifting, can sustainably enhance a patient’s quality of life and help her to feel good about her own body. Holistic contouring of the body enable personal beauty ideals to become reality. Targeted changes to the body’s silhouette can be made through liposuction or skin lifting. Procedures for men are becoming increasingly popular. Body awareness is becoming increasingly important here, meaning that more and more men are deciding to have liposuction or a tummy tuck. Problems such as excessive sweating, unwanted body hair or teeth grinding can be effectively treated with plastic surgery. Many procedures are possible without needing to undergo an operation and are therefore minimally invasive treatments with a major effect. At the Beta Aesthetic in Bonn we are also able to perform complex reconstructive operations that are targeted towards restoring the functionality of the body and maintaining the aesthetic.

The comprehensive treatment options in Bonn have a common overriding goal: optimising function and aesthetic to holistically improve patients’ quality of life. Patients can only feel really good about themselves when their body and soul are in harmony with one another.